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Today we want to share an article by @dermatologaintegrativa integrative internist dermatologist with PNIE integrative approach.


The skin and intestine are immune complexes, with neuroendocrine function, completely integrated with the rest of your being. The proper functioning of these two organs is essential for the health/balance of your body.

They share important similarities, they are highly vascularized, full of nerves and massively colonized by communities of microorganisms called microbiota.

🦠 If the microbiota of your intestine is healthy, it produces substances, hormones, neurotransmitters, and stimulates the absorption of nutrients, which travel through the blood. These compounds are capable of modifying and keeping your skin healthy.

When your intestinal microbiota is not well, toxic substances are produced that, together with the bacteria, which are released from your intestine, travel through the blood to your skin.

They generate a pro-inflammatory environment that manifests itself with skin lesions such as #acne. #atopicdermatitis and #rosacea .

The health of your skin's microbiota is also vital. It is responsible for maintaining the skin's immune balance. In addition, the products of good microbes have anti-inflammatory effects.

How can you improve the microbiota of your intestine?

Include probiotic foods in your diet (evaluate beforehand that there is no presence of SIBO) #Probiotics are bacteria that improve the composition of your microbiota such as Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus paracasei

You can get these little friends at:

🍶 Yogurt
🍶 Kefir
🥤 Kombutcha tea
🥗 Vegetable pickles
🍜 Miso

Do you already include these foods in your diet?
To take care of your microbiota avoid:

🔴Sugars, pastries, soft drinks,
🔴Coffee, alcohol

I'll tell you about taking care of the skin's #microbiota later.
Important: Remember that if you already have skin lesions, the imbalance of your microbiota could already be present, so medical evaluation and possible probiotic supplementation is necessary. Each particular case must be evaluated.

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