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Our liver is a wonderful organ that is responsible for more than 80 different functions in our body.

It is an organ that, when it can do its job well, guarantees good energy levels, optimal digestion and healthy, beautiful skin.

But if we give it “a lot of work”, it can cause the opposite and lead to skin with more imperfections, pimples and even blemishes.

The liver-skin relationship begins with the purifying function of the liver. The liver is our most sophisticated and powerful filter, it has the ability to deactivate and eliminate a large part of the toxins we generate and consume. But its capacity is not unlimited, and as we already know we have a lifestyle and an environment well loaded with these substances. If the liver exceeds its detoxification capacity, these toxins will be recycled or eliminated through other means. One of these possible routes is the skin.

healthy liver glowing skin

The second relationship between our liver and skin is found in our hormones. Hormones are also eliminated by the liver and if this elimination is not correct we can also have estrogens or androgens in excess and also recycled, which will have their skin manifestation in the form of pimples or spots, among others.

Finally, the liver also has a role in fatty acid metabolism. A liver stressed by too much work can cause less bile formation and less absorption of fats interesting for the skin. So we may experience dryness or make the skin look duller.

To pamper our liver we must first ask ourselves where these toxins come from. The main sources are found in our diet through processed and industrial foods, alcohol, and tobacco . An unbalanced intestinal microbiota generates a large amount of toxins that go directly through our “cloacas” – the portal system to the liver. Lack of physical exercise greatly reduces our elimination rate.

To eliminate hormones, we need to avoid endocrine disruptors that act as “false hormones” and hinder the hormonal purifying function of the liver. We find them in conventional cosmetics and in the usual plastics used in kitchen utensils. Cruciferous vegetables are great allies in hormonal elimination, so if we add red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbages of all kinds we will facilitate this function.

Infusions of milk thistle, boldo, burdock or dandelion can accompany and help pamper our liver, facilitating its proper functioning. I also recommend artichoke broth, which also helps with the formation of bile.

A healthy liver is a healthy body and glowing skin!

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