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Mamita Botanical is a project that was born from personal search and the conviction that natural cosmetics is the solution to bring balance between our body and our mind.

Elisenda had an outbreak of rosacea when she was young, and the fact that she could be cured with plants made her decide to train and research in the field of natural cosmetics. Although her professional career began as a graphic designer, a trip to Argentina made her realize that her purpose was to be able to offer an alternative and solution to those people who may be going through the same thing she went through or looking for other ways to take care of their health. fur.

Upon her return to Barcelona, ​​Iris crossed paths fascinated by Mamita's products and the potential she saw in such a proposal at a time when natural cosmetics were almost non-existent in Spain. The fact of wanting to enhance Mamita's differential vision made them decide together to join forces, and Iris's background in the sales area in the retail sector was the perfect push to complete the team that the brand needed to take next steps.

This combination of forces with a common vision is what continues to guide Mamita Botanical today, always with a focus on innovation, continuous improvement, and commitment to those people who want not only to transform their skin but also their daily lives.


The state of our skin is not permanent, it responds to habits, emotions, climate, food and products that we put on it or in the environment.

At MAMITA BOTANICAL SKINCARE we offer comprehensive care, that is why we bring the RITUAL closer to your pace of life and we accompany you according to the moment you are in. All our products are formulated with the highest range of natural active ingredients, stimulating cell regeneration and helping to repair tissues, offering visible results.