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Autumn is an ideal time to clean up, put order after the excesses of summer and do the organic preparation to prepare for the new season. It is a time when many of us can consider a purification, so today I would like to talk to you about REAL detox or how to help your body to purify correctly outside of fads, miracle supplements and aggressive practices for our body.

“Before cleaning, it is better not to make a mess”: the detox should begin by removing what does not suit us before adding superfoods, supplements or juices.

The body is perfectly designed to purify to perfection.

We just need to accompany him so that he himself does the work for us and avoid intoxicating him so as not to give him extra work. The REAL detox consists of the detox that the body itself does accompanied by our habits that stimulate them. More than a stronger and longer fast, or a specific juice cleanse, we need a continuous purification through daily habits that facilitate a routine cleaning of our

real detox

Shall we get to it?

  1. Let's start with the basics, by removing processed foods, pastries, sweets and cookies, alcohol, sausages and refined foods. If you want to go one step further, remove cow's dairy and wheat.
  2. Make your plate 50% vegetable: the foods that will help us purify the most are vegetables. Make at least half of each meal consist of seasonal plant foods and consume them raw at least once a day. The queen vegetables of the season are cabbages and artichokes, which are wonderful for liver cleansing.
  3. Drink enough water: real cleansing begins with drinking water in good quantities. Recycle a pretty glass bottle and leave it on your desk or hallway. If we drink between 6-8 glasses a day, our draining organs will do their job much better.
  4. Move every day: physical exercise is a key pillar for real purification. Start by walking at a brisk pace and as you get motivated, add strength exercise to your routines. Sweating and having good muscle mass help us have a clean and healthy body.
  5. Practice digestive rest: our digestive system needs to rest to be able to carry out other functions besides digesting. If we leave a minimum of 12 hours daily undigested, the same body will be in charge of purifying it. If we want a extra we can extend our fast up to 14-16 hours.

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Gracias por tu forma sencilla de abordar el detox. Me encanta !!


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