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Today Marta Marcè talks to us about how to naturally regulate oily skin, a super interesting article and even more so at this time of year, we hope it helps you!

Sebum is the substance generated by the sebaceous glands, which is essential to maintain skin hydration, but in excess it can create acne, seborrhea, and the effect of oily skin. The reasons behind oily skin can be multiple, but certain modifications in our lifestyle and diet can benefit us enormously and help internal regulation of oily skin.

oily skin

These recommendations would be:

  • Avoid foods with high glycemic index

    Behind high sebum production in the skin we find two parallel physiological situations: insulin resistance which in turn stimulates greater production of androgens. Androgens are male-type hormones that are also produced in women and their hyperproduction increases the amount of sebum in the sebaceous glands. One of the main causes of these being elevated is that we have high levels of insulin in the blood, a situation that happens when we eat foods with a high glycemic index. This is why we must avoid sweeteners, fruit juices, refined cereals, pastries, soft drinks, alcohol, sweets, dates, raisins.

  • Stimulate your metabolic flexibility

    If we help our body to better regulate glucose levels, we will avoid having insulin spikes. This requires high-intensity physical exercise, eating few meals a day and doing longer fasts during the night.

  • Regulate your stress

    The second area of ​​androgen production is the adrenal glands. High levels of stress or sustained stress over time stimulate these glands and also increase blood glucose and insulin levels.

If we combine these health habits with cosmetics according to our personal characteristics, we can enjoy beautiful, healthy skin and regulate skin sebum levels.

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Cual sería la mejor crema/serum para piel grasa con efecto antiedad?


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