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New article by Marta Marcè, today she talks to us about ANTIOXIDANTS. We hope you like it!

In the previous post I told you about oxidation, free radicals and their role in the skin. Also about the importance of avoiding excess free radicals. But in addition to avoiding external sources of free radicals as much as possible, we can help promote our oxidative balance by taking antioxidants. These are molecules with extra electrons that can “give” them to free radicals and stabilize them. In relation to the skin, the most important antioxidant is vitamin E , which is directly related to lipid oxidation.


In our diet we find it in seeds, first-pressure oils, and raw nuts. Vitamin A is also very interesting as it is related to mucoproteins, those moist tissues such as mucous membranes, eyes and also the skin. We will find this vitamin in its vegetable form (beta-carotene) mainly in red and orange foods. And also vitamin C, which has great antioxidant power apart from being key in the formation of collagen and which we have in citrus fruits and red pepper among others. Other interesting antioxidants may be resveratrol (grape) or pycnogenol (pine bud).


Therefore, antioxidants in the form of a supplement can be interesting in specific times (such as summer) and then the interesting thing will be to maintain a good consumption of foods rich in antioxidants that we will find mostly in foods with bright colors of plant origin consumed raw. That is to say, to stop skin oxidation it is great to eat brightly colored salads, with fresh seasonal fruits and sprouts.

I hope you liked this post and that you fill your plates with color to enjoy beautiful, well-kept and young skin. We will continue soon on Mamita's profile with much more information to take care of your skin and your health.

* Photos by @laralopezphotography for lemons from the lemon tree.

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