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tratamiento arrugas


Do you need to feel luminous and calm again?

The super linda serum offers a global action for skin care and repair.

It contains macerates of annatto and calendula combined with vegetable oils such as rosehip, wheat germ and grape seed, all of them powerful regenerators.

This combination will help us accelerate skin healing, reducing wrinkles and imperfections and maintaining its vitality.

The essential oils that we have chosen for the Serum will calm and regenerate the skin, also helping to improve your mood.

anti-wrinkle treatment

It is suitable for use on all skin types and is especially suitable for sensitive skin prone to imperfections or areas in need of greater attention and care. For this type of skin, we recommend preparing the skin using a nourishing cleanser and then applying the serum.

It is a night treatment, which we must always apply to a clean face free of residue. With two drops of product on our palm we can massage our entire face; always ascending.

Below we tell you how to apply it for greater absorption and obtain the best results.

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