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How many times have we heard that fats “make you fat”, are bad for your health, and we have been recommended to choose “low-fat” foods!

The reality is that fats are essential for our general health and for the health of our skin in particular . All the cell membranes of our body are made up of lipids and specifically our skin has a double lipid layer whose functions are to retain hydration, protect us from external aggressions and maintain the smooth appearance of the skin.

good fats

When we don't consume enough fats (or the wrong types), we can experience dry, cracked, or dull skin. To obtain all these benefits we must be selective with the types of fat we consume. Depending on its fatty acid composition, we can find healthy fats that nourish us and have anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and regulatory properties.

In this group we find:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids: avocado, flax, chia, walnuts, oily fish.

  • Omega 6 fatty acids: seeds, nuts, evening primrose and borage.

  • Omega 9: olive oil (always extra virgin), olives, nuts.

  • Omega 7: has special interest in skin hydration and is extracted from sea buckthorn.

In the group of unhealthy fats, we find TRANS fats at the top of the anti-healthy spectrum. They are those fats that have undergone a hydrogenization process (such as margarines) or that have changed to this form due to high temperature processes (frying, processing, pastries, etc.).

These fats occupy the receptors, the “good” lipids inhibit their function and cause inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, among many others. This is why it is so important to consume fats as raw or gently cooked as possible , because otherwise any super healthy lipid can be converted into TRANS.

A little better in the ranking are saturated fats. They are also related to increased cholesterol and inflammation, although within this group, the longer the chain of fatty acids that make it up, the worse it will be for our body. That is why saturated fats like coconut, which contain medium and short chain fatty acids, are interesting and not so much the fats from sausages, meats and cheeses that are long chain. Apart from nourishing ourselves with good fats, it is very important to use cosmetic products that are respectful of the lipid layer of the skin and nourish it so that it can perform its functions correctly and offer us a juicy and hydrated appearance.

I hope you welcome healthy fats into your diet, your skin and your health will thank you :)

By Marta Marcè

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