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HELLO! Today I want to show you how to make the oil that has accompanied me all this time to help my son Milo sleep. The truth is that I really enjoy it and it is part of the night ritual that we do every night accompanied by soft lights and music. The aroma is incredible and helps me connect a lot with the moment.

This oil is NEVER applied to the baby, you always apply it to your skin about 10m before going to bed and always after the child is 3 months old NEVER before. I apply the sleeping oil to my neckline (not nipples if you breastfeed), neck, arms and even my face.

From the age of 3 we could put a little on the soles of his feet if he is very nervous.

This sleeping oil can also be used on adults :)

sleeping oil


  • 2ch tureens of dried lavender flowers

  • 50ml sweet almond vegetable oil

  • 5gt of Lavender Essential Oil

  • 5gt sweet orange or tangerine EO

  • 4gt of Roman chamomile EO


In this recipe I teach you how to do a hot maceration, so we will obtain the properties of lavender flowers in our almond oil.

  1. Put the almond vegetable oil together with lavender flowers in a jar resistant to a bain-marie for approximately 1h/1.5h. Over very low heat, the oil should never boil, as it would lose its properties. Go stirring calmly, remember that it is important to be calm when you make this type of preparations.

  2. Once the time has passed, we strain it with a strainer and gauze or muslin to prevent any remains of the flowers from entering the mixture and damaging it.

  3. We add the Essential Oils and shake. We will let it rest for 24 hours so that the aromas settle and the desired synergy is created.

Essential oils are the soul of the plant, we extract their molecules by steam distillation. They should never be used directly on the skin, we will always use them with a vegetable oil together, they are perfect for our body.


  • Lavender has antiseptic, calming, relaxing properties.

  • Roman chamomile EO is calming for the nervous system, calms irritations, allergies, period pains, helps calm nervous minds and find balance. Calms fears, agitation and internal tension.

  • Sweet orange EO is calming, relaxing, sedative, calms anxiety and stress. It helps us connect with childhood, which is very important to understand the moment our child is experiencing. Comforts restless and nervous children.

I wish you like!

*Here you can watch the video to see how I prepare the recipes and also some more recipes to care for your baby.

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