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ensalada alimentos azules con antiocianinas para evitar el envejecimiento de la piel

Foods to prevent skin aging

Pro-aging recipe #skinfood

Anthocyanins are found in blue or purple fruits and vegetables, which we love because they protect our skin from damage from UV (sun) rays and keep collagen levels high.

Foods rich in anthocyanins

purple sweet potato
Purple Onion
Red cabbage
purple grape
black beans


Pro-aging recipe #skinfood

To see results on your skin, the science is not only in the formula but in how you live it. That is why at Mamita we offer you the necessary tools for comprehensive care, and we advise you individually.


At Mamita we recommend these 3 products to accompany your skin's journey along with food.

The 1-002 Super Linda Serum offers a global action for skin care and repair.

This serum will provide you with the necessary components to accelerate skin healing, reducing wrinkles and imperfections and maintaining its vitality.

1-009 Regenerating Cream contains rose damascena stem cells that firms the skin, improving its resistance, reduces wrinkles and restructures the extracellular matrix, restoring fiber and protein levels.

Evening primrose oil and pumpkin seed oil act against free radicals, helping to hydrate, regenerate and improve skin elasticity. Contains prebiotics that help cell renewal, improving the skin's microbiota.

And finally, 1-008 Repairing Eye Contour contains Tuberose stem cells that act comprehensively, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, bags and dark circles, promoting the elimination of toxins and illuminating the area.

Its high content of omega 6 and omega 3 provides a decongestant effect. Contains prebiotics that help cell renewal, improving the skin's microbiota.

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