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The 6 uses of our Revitalizing Oil

revitalizing oil uses


It hydrates our entire body, provides antioxidants, helps our skin not to tear and also gives it a super beautiful luminosity and tone.

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Take care of our hands and our nails, helping to strengthen them and prevent them from breaking. Our revitalizing oil is absorbed quickly and leaves the skin very nourished.

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It helps prevent the ends of our hair from splitting and to prevent frizz and to be able to shape it to taste, apply it with your hands (after warming it with your palms) on damp or dry hair.

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It helps us take care of our feet throughout the year, keeping them hydrated and soft. Before going to sleep, apply the revitalizing oil to your feet with a gentle massage and the next day they will be splendid.

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To prevent our scalp from flaking and irritation or dandruff from appearing, every 15 days apply a little of our revitalizing oil with a gentle massage to activate circulation.

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Every 15 days it is used as a hair mask so that our hair stays hydrated, strong, healthy and does not break.

With our Revitalizing Oil you will not need nothing more for the care of your skin and your hair.

For more information about the 6 uses of our Revitalizing Oil follow this link .

Our revitalizing oil is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

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