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ritual energético


Following daily rhythms is often not easy without deviating from our center and feeling physically and mentally exhausted.

For dense, busy days, days with a lot of electromagnetic contact, that is, hours on the computer, on the cell phone... even when we have spent time in contact with sick people, we bring you two ways to relax our body.

energy ritual

If you have a bathtub, we recommend filling it with warm water and pouring 2kg of sea ​​salt. Once inside, begin to rub the body, starting from the head (with plenty of salt) and with circular movements and go down until you reach the feet. Once the ritual is finished, take a shower as usual.

If what we have is a shower, we can prepare a bowl full of sea salt and after wetting your body, perform the same massage explained in the previous option. Once finished and having paid attention to all parts of our body, rinse with water and then wash our body as usual.

The sea salt condenses the energy and the water carries it away. In this way, we free our body from the accumulated load and regain our center.

It is a simple and easy ritual that will make us feel lighter.

* Optionally, we can also add essential oils of lemon, incense, lavender or rosemary.

We encourage you to try it!

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