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receta gazpacho de cerezas

Avoid a bloated belly

Cherry gazpacho recipe

Today we share with you an exquisite recipe that is very easy to make and thanks to the great properties of the cherry, it helps us avoid a bloated belly .

Cherry Gazpacho

Being ideal for this time of year, cherry gazpacho will provide us with great benefits that we will notice in our skin and in our body, in addition to helping to avoid a bloated belly.

The cherry is one of the most complete fruits with the least sugar that exists, therefore it is indicated for a monodiet or a one-day digestive break.

It is rich in vitamin A, C and E, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium and in fermentable fiber, indicated in the care of our intestinal microbiota, it is cleansing and very digestive and also prevents a bloated belly .

Its red color expresses the presence of anthocyanins, a powerful anti-aging that takes care of our immunity and delays cellular oxidation and aging, thus helping to improve the appearance of our skin.


cherry gazpacho ingredients

• 3⁄4 kilo of very ripe tomatoes without skin

• 1⁄2 kilo of heavy pitted cherries

• 1 slice of crustless bread, preferably gluten-free

• Virgin olive oil

• Balsamic vinegar

• Salt and water to everyone's taste


Gazpacho tomatoes
Gazpacho ingredients

1. We mix and crush all the ingredients except the cherries .

2. We put it in a glass container for a few hours in the refrigerator and leave the cherries out of the refrigerator.

3. Crush the cherries with the rest of the ingredients.

4. We serve with a splash of oil.

5. It can be served accompanied by pieces of melon and mint.

Crezas gazpacho

We hope you like it!

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